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Maintaining My Mind, and Moving Forward

Book 2

In this book, the follow up to “Mastering the Mind by Mixing It Up”, you will learn how to maintain those areas in your mind, life, actions and reactions in which you have made progress. You will be motivated to continue making progress and inspired to (in the least) maintain the distance you have already come. You will also be given the tools to continue on and to achieve all that you are capable of,…

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The Blog

Personal Development – Are You Fooling Yourself?


With the continuous and massive growth in sales of self improvement or self help books and the proliferation of personal development websites, wouldn’t you think that you would by now have witnessed a major shift in human consciousness – a marked improvement in the human condition? In other words, don’t you think, with all this new awareness, that a lot more people should be a lot happier? Sadly, not only is there little sign of […]

The Author

Sonia Williams

“This book is long past due. I should have finished it many years ago. Actually, many parts of it were written long ago but I was the one that was not confident enough to finish. I felt like I had more to learn, more to see, and more roads to travel before I could continue, so I stopped writing. I went back to school, earned a Bachelor’s degree, went on to earn a Master’s degree and enrolled in a Leadership Doctorate program. I stopped writing, but I never stopped thinking. One thing that all leaders have in common is that…

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