A Fresh Product Review on Terrarium Plants

A Fresh Product Review on Terrarium Plants

If you are in the process of choosing small terrarium plants for yourself, your children or you’re helping your students at school with a project, below you’ll find some interesting information that will help you in this process. When choosing plants for your terrarium, you’ll find it to be extremely important to make sure they fit inside without touching the sides if possible. By looking at some of the selections we’ve provided for you, you’ll be able to effectively choose among the many different plants as to which ones will be the best for your specific needs.

* Artillery Fern

After working with Artillery Fern’s for any amount of time, you’ll quickly discover that these particular plants are not Fern’s at all. In fact, they are direct descendents of the Pilea Family of plants. Although this is true, you’ll find that they are extremely pleasing to look at. You’ll want to make sure that these plants have a warm humid environment as well as a medium indirect light if you plan to use them.

* Aluminum Plant

The Aluminum Plant is quite unique in its look and presentation. Although these plants can be quite small, they will provide a pleasing look for anyone’s terrarium. These particular plants are littered with iridescent white markings all along the leaves. These are fast growers so you may need some maintenance here again. They also like medium indirect light which will make them grow at a pleasing rate.

* Red Veined Prayer Plant

If you ever have the opportunity to pick up a Red Veined Prayer Plant, this is one you simply have to have. With the beautiful colors and the stunning leaves, this is a plant that will almost seem as though it’s alive. At nighttime you’ll discover that this particular plant will fold its leaves. With that being said, you’ll find that this plant will be a perfect addition to your terrarium.

* Golden Pothos Vine

This is a plant that looks very common and will mainly provide you with filler when it comes to the types of plants you can have in your terrarium. Although common, it will look simply fabulous when combined with some of the other plants you’ve decided to include in your small but controlled environment.

* Baby’s Tears

A plant that has been known as the Corsican’s curse, peace in the home, and Angel tears, Baby’s Tears is a plant that will normally take over and dominate wherever it is planted. However when planted in a terrarium, this is a place where it can be controlled quite nicely.

* Button Fern

The button Fern is a beautiful plant that is extremely appealing and will make an excellent choice when it comes to planting variety in your terrarium. This is a plant that will do excellent when it comes to bright filtered light which will make it another fine choice when it comes to filling your terrarium with very elegant looking small plants.

So, if you’re in the process of choosing small terrarium plants, you’ll have many choices in which to choose from. Whether you choose the Artillery Fern, the Aluminum Plant, the Red Veined Prayer Plant, the Golden Pothos Vine, Baby’s Tears, or the Button Fern, these will all make fine choices when it comes to a small plant that will add a great deal of beauty to your small terrarium.

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A Fresh Product Review on Terrarium Plants
A Fresh Product Review

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