A Fresh Product Review on the Georgia Giant Romeo GR270 Work Boot

A Fresh Product Review on the Georgia Giant Romeo GR270 Work Boot

This is a fresh product review on the Georgia Giant Romeo GR270 work boot. For those of you familiar with this company, then you already understand the quality and care you’ll find in this extraordinary footwear. However, for those of you that aren’t, and have never owned a pair of Georgia Giants, then this review is for you.

This past Christmas, I was gifted a pair of Romeo GR270 work boots. I didn’t really pay too much attention, as I had recently purchased a pair of standard boots for working in the yard at our local Hardware Store. Not until today did I even try them on just to see how they fit. Of course, this was at the beckoning of my wife because she wanted to make sure I didn’t need to return them for a larger, or smaller size.

I wear a size 10, and she got a size 10 MD, which were rather hard to get on, but I managed. Also, I had to have an open mind because anything without shoe strings normally is an automatic turnoff. Once I managed to figure out how to get them on without twisting my ankle in the process, I was quite amazed at how they fit. At first they were rather tight. I began walking in them, and could almost instantly tell that this shoe was a keeper.

I have a number of shoes, and at my age (54), my feet are one of the most important body parts I have. This means, to me anyway, I must do everything possible to take care of them. This includes selecting the right shoes. I can’t just wear anything. Most of my shoes will need adjustments, and I almost always have to buy shoe inserts, such as Dr. Scholl’s, or some other insert that helps with making the shoe more comforting for my feet.

Not with the Georgia Giant Romeo GR270′s. I must say that I was blown away at the immediate comfort I received after walking only a few steps. After walking just a bit, I decided to go for a walk. I walked about a mile, in my neighborhood, just to see if I could get them to hurt, not even. When I got home, I took them off and walked around bare footed. To my amazement, my feet felt uncomfortable without having the Romeo’s on.

Now, this really got me going because I wanted to know more about them, and I wanted to know more about what others were saying about them as well. I took to the Georgia Giant website and read everything about the boot, and discovered things like:

* Durable full-grain leather uppers
* Georgia waterproof construction
* Oil Resistant Polyurethane Outsole
* Genuine Goodyear welt construction
* Flexible PU Outsole

But of course, all of this means nothing if other people weren’t experiencing the same pleasure and comfort that I was. So, I clicked around and read a few reviews, and about 99% of what I read confirmed the same experience I was having. There were some other important points I found out as well, and I’ll share them below.

* Buy the size you normally wear because although they are tight starting off, they become loose after the original break in period.
* There is more than one size in each size range. The MD is the medium fit, and E2 is the wider fit.
* Some say to buy ½ sizes up, but others who have owned them don’t recommend this because they will break in well and become easier to put on and take off.
* Decide whether you would like high tops or the low tops because the high tops provide more ankle support, if you have issues with your ankles.
* After wearing them for a while, these shoes begin to feel like slippers.
* Don’t buy them from Georgia Giants website, but places like Amazon for the no hassle exchange policy and reduced wait time.

So, if you’ve been planning on buying a new pair of work boots, or you simply wanted more information about these, this fresh product review on the Georgia Giant Romeo GR270 work boot should have helped just a bit. Below you’ll discover a link where you can find more information and a vast selection of Georgia Giant work boots you can choose from.

For more info, click the link HERE!

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A Fresh Product Review on the Georgia Giant Romeo GR270 Work Boot
A Fresh Product Review

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