About Us

Benchmark Publishing Group is privately owned. Although we do specialize in non-fiction publications, fiction publications are welcome.

In order to exceed the expectation of our readers, it’s important to us to publish unique and original titles.  Mainly, the objective of Benchmark Publishing Group is a twofold process. The first part of the process consists of providing information for the reader, which is what they were looking for when they originally purchased one of our publications. The second part of the process, and our primary goal, is to provide an extreme level of insight on the subject matter so the reader can experience something more than they had originally planned for.

Many of us have already gone through the experience of reading titles that seem to be incomplete in one form or another. Most of the time, this is a result of publishing companies not following system guidelines and adhering to industry standards. Every title that is published by our company will undergo a rigorous process to ensure our readers are not left hanging once they’ve completed reading one of our publications.

It’s important to understand that by placing our name on a product, the quality of that particular product tells a complete story about the quality of the company, as well as the individuals within. Although it is our intent to make sure that all publications have been published without error, we do not try to edit the material in a way that takes away the true meaning of the subject matter.

A question that is asked quite frequently during the final draft phase of a publication is whether a customer would like this publication enough to pass it on to another individual. If this particular question cannot be answered with an enthusiastic and unequivocal, “Yes”, then it is our duty to work on this title until everyone involved feels that the publication will over deliver in terms of content and quality.

You’ll discover that there are a wide variety of innovations in the information technology and publishing industries; however, with that being said – we still believe that the tradition and the craft of top quality publishing must and should continue. Our belief is that old-fashioned values and traditional publishing should co-exist with technology and innovation in order to get the job done correctly. Hopefully, when you’ve had the chance to purchase a title from us now or in the future, our hope is that you will see the value and quality on the printed lines of our finished publications.