Braking with Ebikes – A simple review

Braking is probably one of the most important discussions when it comes to your ebike. Your see, although you may have never changed the brakes on your bike in a while, before ebiking, you will notice that your brakes don’t last as long, and there are several reasons for this.

Added Weight

Higher Speed to Stop Ratio

Stop and Go with Power

Disc brake vs Cantilever

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OK, lets talk about added weight because this is a big issue when it comes to ebikes. You have now added a hub-motor, batteries and controller. The combination of these, depending on the batteries chosen, can be a minimum of 75lbs. I have actually seen electric bikes that weigh in at a lot more. Now add the bikes weight, your weight, the weight of the ebike conversion, and the weight of gear, clothing, and tools, not counting your lunch, and there you have it, an overweighted bike putting your brakes through the stresser every day you ride.

Higher speed to stop ratio. Depending on who is doing the driving/riding, stoping while coming off a high rate of speed absolutly demolishes the brake pads, regardless of the type of brake setup you have, disc or cantilever. If you are one who like to go fast to every stop, expect to change your brakes quite often.

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Disc Brake vs Cantilever. I, and I am only speaking of me, have tried a number of different disc brake setups and cantilever brakes, and honestly, I like cantilever. I have some of the most expensive disc brake setups for mountain bikes and I am always changing, adjusting or fixing brake issues. When I had my cantilever braking system on my older ebike, I rarely change the brakes. Do I ride like a mad-man, sometimes, but still, I haven’t really had problems with cantilever brakes.

Now, if you are one of the smart ones, and you could afford to get a controller and motor hub that supports regenerative braking, AWESOME!! Regenerative braking solves the problem with putting all the stress on brake pads or discs. This helps the motor stop the ebike rather than using all that braking power.

Anyhoo, this is surely something to consider when it comes to ebikes and how you want to address the brake issue.

If I’ve left something out, please comment.

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