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Benchmark Publishing Group would like to communicate with you. However, it’s important to state that, like all traditional publishing companies, we do not have an overseas call center or have in our employ a number of phone handlers that use slick talking tactics. For the reasons listed above, we simply ask that you utilize the information provided below to contact the appropriate department using an e-mail service. When doing so, you will receive a professional response from a qualified member of our staff that will accurately and completely answer any questions received.

At Benchmark Publishing Group we are confident that this form of communication will be extremely effective at getting you the information and accurate answers you require. This, of course, is an alternative to being transferred to another department, being placed on hold, or reaching voice mail. We feel that it is inappropriate for our current customers and potential clients to be directed to a number of different departments or being placed on hold.

This approach of accurate and effective communication follows the exact guidelines of our philosophy of doing things the right way. This means, not maybe or almost right, but right from the start. Our policy also states that it’s important to answer all inquiries in writing. This means, all of our staff members are required to follow these policies to the letter. Phone conversations that are on the fly are cut down dramatically which reduces inaccuracies of information which may come from current customers or potential clients.

At this point, it’s also important to state that proposals cannot be accepted through our website because of the large audience of e-mails this company receives on a daily basis. As an author, if we are not currently working with you on a publication, it’ll be important for you to contact the appropriate parties in order to represent your valuable work. Literary agents can be found easily to assist you. If you aren’t exactly sure how to begin the submission process, it’ll be important for you to visit to find out how to go about securing an author’s representative.

You’ll discover that AAR has a membership-base that is held to a higher standard of total and complete excellence. You will definitely want to use this avenue for connecting with a literary agent who will place your interests first.

If you have a specific type of inquiry, it will be necessary to contact the appropriate department found below. If for any reason you are unsure of how to contact the department you’re looking for, you can use the e-mail provided for general inquiries. For contributors or authors, whom Benchmark Publishing Group is currently providing service, please remain in touch with your current contact. By keeping the communication lines open with your current contact, this will ensure that any inquiry that you submit will not be misidentified as a new proposal from an author we have not already established a relationship with.

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