Dee’s Adult Care Home, Sheridan Oregon, Why We Care for Seniors

Can you take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of someone having difficulty with simple daily tasks, like:

* Brushing teeth
* Tying shoes
* Putting clothes on
* Taking Medication on time
* Cooking
* Cleaning
* Laundry
* Getting out of bed
* Using the restroom

And these are only to mention a few.

If you have family that lives in or around Sheridan Oregon, we have a care home in Sheridan for you.

Dee’s Sheridan Care Home provides all the assisting for the needs mentioned above, and more.

You will not find a nursing home in Sheridan that can offer the type of personal care you’ll find at Dee’s care home Sheridan…

If you’ve been thinking of a senior care home in Sheridan, then you may want to consider taking the time to contact Dee’s, and arrange for a full assessment of the senior whom needs the care.

A Sheridan Adult Foster Home may just be the right fit for you or a loved one. So it is important to schedule an assessment so the process can move forward for senior care home placement.

For more information please contact Dee’s below.
Dee’s Adult Foster Home
Sheridan, OR 97378

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