Donald Trump is Not The Problem, We Are..

If someone is feeding you crap, and they tell you they are feeding you crap, that’s one thing..

If a person is feeding you crap, and telling you it’s ice cream, that’s another.

Every single person on this planet is not, and will never be, perfect.

If they were, they would walk on water. We haven’t witnessed that in over 2000 years.

Some people, like Trump, do no give a crap about what others think about them. You do not pay his bills, sleep in his bed, feed his dog, or worry for him if he loses a few million trying to get elected to make changes in his country.

Does anyone really know Donald Trump? Are you basing all your thoughts and beliefs on the information you get from the media?

Have you ever really read Donald Trumps biography?

You would shit your fucking pants…

I bet 9 out of 10 strong minded people couldn’t even tie his shoes.

He is a self made man. He has seen struggles that would buckle the best of us.

Yet, people want to make him out to be a fool.

Why, because he doesn’t believe what you do, he doesn’t love the way you do, he doesn’t care about the things you do, he says what he wants, he does what he wants when he wants, or simply because you don’t believe in his policies.

What’s the reason? When you find one, it won’t matter because regardless of what you think, “PEOPLE” like you and me will make a decision to keep him or drop him.

I will not vote for Trump… or anyone else for that matter

Here is why….

The American public has been brain washed into thinking our government actually cares about what happens to this country.

News Flash! – They don’t

We have been destroying our country from the inside out. Why?

• We pollute the air we breath,
• we pollute the water we drink,
• we pollute the grounds were we grow our food,
• we process all the nutrients and vitamins out of our food
• We wonder why we are sick with cancers and suffer from severe obesity
• We have a failing education system
• We build more prisons than schools
• We don’t believe in a power greater than ourselves
• We place our beliefs in Presidents, Politicians, Governments, and people that don’t care about us
• We want change, but aren’t willing to do shit except complain
• We are poisoning our kids with prescription drugs to keep them calm and quiet, while we watch our favorite TV programs
• We disrespect our parents and loved ones, because we have a 6th grade education and we think we know everything

It’s all legal and the list goes on….

And then..

The cat and mouse game being played out in Washington is exactly that, a cat and mouse game.

While republicans and democrats square off for debates and caucuses, you are sitting at home thinking, like every 4 years, how one person that gets elected is going to make everyone, including you, happy.

If this is you, instead of calling someone else names, you need to look around.

The best way to educate others about people like Donald Trump, is to first educate yourself.

Do your homework.

Do a little research, you might be surprised at what you find out about someone.

Once you educate yourself, take some time to help educate others. Point them to your reference material. Don’t say, you heard it on the news, or Hillary Clinton said..

Stop throwing stones, because “everyone” lives in a glass house.

Donald Trump is a product of a dysfunctional society. Our society.
Our society created him.

This is why so many people like what he stands for. If you can’t see what is happening in our country, then you will never understand why Donald Trump is still running stronger than ever.

So, why you mad?

Stephen Jay Jackson

Just a thought..

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