How to Use Pinterest to Generate Real Estate Leads

pinterest-analytics1-ss-1920At present, Pinterest is still in its beta stage, but this hasn’t made much of a difference to the continually increasing number of people relying on the website for their Internet marketing needs.
Certainly, real estate professionals are not without advantages when making use of Pinterest as well. For many agents, this website is an effective method for generating high-quality leads – but only if you know what to do. For greater Internet marketing success with Pinterest, consider the following tips.

Learn how the website works.

Knowledge is power, and you will be better able to maximize the opportunities offered by Pinterest if you take the time to understand how it works fully. Find out what pins and re-pinning means. Understand how category boards on the website will work, and how to post comments. Also, find out about the different ways you can interact with other people using the site.

Establish your credentials with your profile page.

Even the people who are re-pinning or liking your photos won’t always click on the links you have provided. Before doing so, most of them would want to know more about you because your website is likely to be a reflection of who you are and what you do.

Thankfully, you can share with them every essential thing about you through your profile page in Pinterest. Do the same thing you’ve probably done over and over when creating profile pages on various websites. Ultimately, it’s important to establish yourself as a real estate agent they can depend on.

Take great photos.

This part is something you should work on for as long as you need in order to come up with exceptionally great photos. After all, photos are what Pinterest is all about. If your photos are not worth sharing, then they won’t be able to make the rounds the way you need them to. As for what you should take photos of, you may want to consider the following suggestions.

* Best shots of homes you are selling or renting out
* A zoomed-in photo of one of the best features of the house you are selling or renting out
* A new or famous place of interest in the neighborhood where most of the properties you are managing are located
* Any famous person living in said neighborhood

Anything goes, really, just as long as it’s able to successfully market your properties or the neighborhood where your properties are located.
Label your boards.

Make sure that the label in itself can already serve as an explanation of what all the photos pinned to it are about. A good example would be Homes for Sale in Wellington, Florida.
Think of the right tags or keywords to use.

For every photo that you pin, you will be allowed to provide additional keywords or tags so that Pinterest may be able to effectively categorize your photo. This basically works the same way SEO keywords do.

Don’t forget to link back!

Last but not the least, remember to link back to a relevant post to your website or blog. Even the best leads won’t convert to sales if you don’t give them reasons beyond your photo to buy your home.

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