Newberg Ace Hardware is About To Make A Change

Newberg ACE Hardware or Newberg Hardware in Newberg, Oregon, is about to undergo a complete transformation. Although this news is quite new, here is what you might expect as a regular shopper.

Expansion, Expansion and more Expansion!

Yes, you heard it; expansion might be coming to your local hardware store. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about what’s happening right now. Mark and Betty, Owners & Proprietors, have decided it’s time to cater to “A Majority” of the needs of the local market. This is a very big decision and here’s why. Yes, there are some very close big box stores not too far away, however, in order to “take care of” the current clientele and local market, it’s an important step to try and carry what is needed locally in order to help those customers stay in their local area.

Will it work? Why not?

Most customers in their respective marketplace “do not” want to travel long distances to purchase items for home improvement, if they can get it locally. Gas prices, distance, and most of all, customer service often get compromised. Most consumers like doing business with people they know and trust, and this is very important to most. This is also important to Mark and Betty at Newberg ACE Hardware. You see, they understand what it’s like doing business outside of your normal market place, and in most cases it’s not a pleasant experience.

So, to increase customer retention, and to help more customers locally, there is an expansion plan in the works, if approved, the expansion of the Newberg ACE hardware store on 2100 Portland Rd, Newberg, would provide another 8k to 12k of product space. This would allow the store to carry more products, thus allowing more and more customers to get what they need, when they need it, all at one convenient location. A location they are already comfortable with, in terms of locality, pricing and friendly helpful customer service.

Is It Important To Try And Provide More Product Options? Yes!

For many consumers that shop their local markets, about 19% can’t find what they need, and another 17% end up doing without because they don’t want to travel great distances in order to find that special item. ACE Hardware is number #1 in the Helpful Business. This simply means, as a company, they want to be able to be that one-stop-shop for most individuals. For those looking for something not kept at this local Hardware Store, Newberg Hardware has a vast catalog of merchandise to pull from; and with deliveries of product twice a week, consumers can get what they need rather quickly.

What if The Items Were Already In Stock?

This is really the bottom line to the plan Mark and Betty, from Newberg ACE Hardware, are trying to put in place. As stated before, if all goes as planned, and the expansion does come through, local consumers will have more product options on hand at their favorite hardware store in Newberg; and they won’t have to travel out of the area in order to make those home improvement upgrades anymore.

Stay tuned for more news from Newberg ACE Hardware….

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Newberg Ace Hardware is About To Make A Change
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