[PinBot 3.0] Latest Update – Presenting Problems September 2016

Pinbot30For those of you that own the unique Pinterest Pinning software from Healzer, you’ve probably discovered that PinBot 3.0 version isn’t working properly. And, this is presenting a number of problems for people building a Pinterest business.

Well, not to worry. Healzer will have this worked out in no time.

The problem:

Just like all the social media sites, Pinterest is also making some changes. They likely change search algorithims in order to make things easier for clients to find certain requests. Every time this is done, an update is required for any tools used to automate the search process.

No, your software isn’t broken or bad. It simply needs an update, and you’ll be pinning and repinning, following and unfollowing, as usual.

Why is the update taking so long?

Well, Healzer is a human being the last time we checked. He had a vacation planned around the 5th of September. He would be gone until the 20th of September 2016, provided everything went smoothly.

Once back from vacation, you’ll see that the updates will be coming to you on a regular basis. Your software, PinBot 3.0, will be back to work building your business as well as those you also build on the back end.

So, take a deep breath and relax, Healzer has you covered.













If you need additional help learning how to use your sofware, follow the link to my YouTube channel and follow the tutorial videos. Discover the power of PinBot 3.0 and what it can do to build your Pinterest empire.

Download: http://bmpgllc.com/PinBot3.0

Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ucw1_H-nq8

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