PinBot 3.0 Update is ready! Download Pinterest Automation Software

For those of you that already have the best Pinterest Automation Software installed on your computers, it’s time for an update from PinBot 3.0. Healzer is back from vacation, which means, regular updates and new features.

Whether you are looking for the ability to manage followers, Pinterest Scheduler, Pinterest Analytics, or simply want to discover how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool, you’ve found all the information you’ll ever need.

Marketing with Pinterest is pretty easy. Although doing everything manually, can take a bit of time. There are much easier ways to become an auto pinterest marketer.

There are a number of Pinterest marketing tools on the market, however, the best tool by far will be PinBot 3.0 by Healzer. This software was created to make your life much easier when it comes to building a business using Pinterest.

You see, any time you can get a unique marketing tool that can help you with the daily mundane tasks of pinning and repinning, or following and Unfollowing, it really pays in the end to get the best tool available.

PinBot 3.0 is that tool.

This tool was not created for spamming, jamming boards full of useless content, and getting your site banned simply because you had no training with the most powerful Pinterest auto poster software on the market.

No, this scheduling tool was created to help you get more targeted followers so you can convert those that are coming to your boards and saving or repinning your pins. auto post to pinterest and auto follow are only some of the features you will get when downloading, installing and running this software.

So, with that said, the new update is here, and version is proving to be a winner. All features are working properly and setting the auto pilot feature just makes marketing on Pinterest so much easier.

If you haven’t looked around the training site, do so now. You can find a link below. Also, if you haven’t already downloaded the software, that link can be found below as well.

Make sure once you start up the software that the version is in fact or newer.

If you want to automate Pinterest, you’ve found the right software in PinBot 3.0.


PinBot 3.0 for Pinterest – Training:

PinBot 3.0 –

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