Pinterest Marketing – 5 Myths

Are you marketing on Pinterest? Well, you should be.

Pinbot30Although Pinterest looks like a cute platform, geared toward females, manicures and recipes, there is much more to it. Pinterest continues to prove itself as a potent platform for marketing, and those who employ its power enjoy high-quality traffic. Yet, there are still lots of myths surrounding the network, and many businesses make rookie Pinterest marketing mistakes. Here’s a list of myths surrournding Pinterest.

1. Managing another platform creates more headaches.

Pinterest is easy to gain a presence on because it allows you to jumpstart your profile in just a few hours. It is a great platform, which encourages sharing content found online. You don’t have to create tons of unique content to keep up on Pinterest.

Start by curating content from other sources.

The network has a wealth of content already there, all you have to do is to find what’s worth sharing with your audience. It’s like a network that comes with built-in content. Start by identifying a few major interests of your audience; create a few themed boards; and start pinning beautiful imagery, aspirational content and worthy tips.


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