Benchmark Publishing Group manages the distribution and publishing of book titles that are non-fiction. During the publication process, we work with a number of smaller publishers, and in many cases, a diverse group of co-authors and authors. We do this in order to bring specialized and unique titles to the marketplace. Whether commercial markets or consumer driven, the titles we publish are intended to serve each of these areas. When it comes to the psycho-praphic and demographics of a publication, we work diligently on distribution strategies that will work appropriately for each publication.

When it comes to distribution, our approach is not a “one-size-fits-all” or a “cookie-cutter” process. Although, in relation to distribution, there are a few “best practices” that are applicable to a majority of the general titles being published, and each title is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This will help determine the type of strategy that will be used as well as the most sensible.

Another goal of Benchmark Publishing Group is to work with each author very closely so we can agree on a distribution and production strategy that works. Quite frankly, our relationship with our authors is much like a partnership. In this particular industry, this type of approach helps to ensure that the direction of each project is on point, and all parties are on the same page. Even though our experience in the industry has allowed us to come up with extremely effective strategies, fresh perspectives and new ideas are always worth hearing.

Each of the authors we work with will normally have a unique perspective when it comes to their work. We feel that one of our greatest strengths is to know that this philosophy of communication and cooperation with each author will help us be better at what we do, as well as helping the author with the much needed exposure and visibility they deserve.

Because our services are far too diverse and dynamic for each individual project, it is extremely difficult to succinctly detail the services we provide. However, to try and sum up our approach to each individual title, we can simply say that a sensible strategy will be used in each individual case. It’s important to state that we understand how being flexible is vitally important, because quite frankly, every once in a while a business needs to adjust their sails, as the wind changes.

This simply means that as certain technologies evolve, more effective and efficient solutions will need to be adapted. Benchmark Publishing Group embraces innovation, change and new technologies. However, in doing so, we also understand that regardless of the new innovations available, our effectiveness, strategies, and methods that have withstood the test of time will continue to be used if proven to be effective.

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