Should You Get a Business Loan to Start a Shopify Store?

Should You Get a Business Loan to Start a Shopify Store?

thumbnailIf you are considering starting an e-commerce business with Shopify as the framework you might be thinking about getting a business loan. There are some good reasons to get a business loan to open your e-commerce website. However, there are just as many reasons to stay as far away from this debt as you possibly can. Which one you decide to do depends on upon a few different things which will discuss in this article.

The first consideration is shipping and order fulfillment. Before you choose your products, you’re going to want to decide whether or not you’re going to warehouse your products yourself and buy them from a wholesaler, or if you’re going to use of third-party to get your products to your customers. Even if you have some money saved up, if you are planning on buying your own products at the lowest cost possible and then selling them on Shopify, a business loan could be a good idea, particularly if your product has variants that would force you to buy a great deal of inventory upfront.

You’ll also need to decide if your chances of making a profit – or at least have revenue coming in – are good enough to warrant going into debt. Obviously, those chances are increased if you are an expert in the niche that you are opening a store in or if you have already determined through market research that there is a need for the particular product that you’re providing. A third consideration when it comes to revenue is whether or not your marketing plan is solid enough to get your store in front of your target audience. The strength of your products compared with the reach of your marketing efforts are going to determine how risky a business loan is for you.

It can be difficult to obtain a business loan even if you have excellent credit. Banks and finance companies often want to see a solid business plan or some other proof that you’re going to actually be able to pull off the business that you’re attempting. The expertise that was discussed earlier as part of this, as is how much of your own investment you’re making but most of it is going to be your credit history and your business plan. They want to know that you have both the capability and the willingness to pay your loan off.

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