What Brexit Means for Book Publishing

In the small hours of yesterday morning London was rocked by a fearsome electrical storm. Talk about portents from the heavens.

But the storm we now find ourselves engulfed in is entirely of our own making. In the space of a few hours we have voted to leave Europe, the pound has sunk like a stone, the stock market has tanked and the Prime Minister resigned.

Caught in this maelstrom the book trade is a reasonably calm backwater. There are implications for us, but they are slower, smoother and some even are positive.

On the debit side, we have made a decisive break with Europe and all its culture. However we dress it up, the English (and it is largely the English) have rejected our European neighbours and what they stand for. We may protest it wasn’t us personally, but the nation has spoken. We have seen nothing like it since Henry VIII’s break from Rome. One can hardly expect European partners, be they colleagues, authors, agents or sister publishers to be immune from feelings of dismay and hurt at what our nation has done.

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